Tables! No waiting!
Step this way.
Step right up!
Our new home at Riverwalk.

Boy, are we changing!

Quick Casual Dining.

What does that mean? It means that we have simplified the dining experience.

In a "Full Service" restaurant, you wait at the door to be seated, then wait at the table for a server to get your drinks, then wait for them to take your order, then wait for them to ring it in. We decided to move to "QUICK CASUAL" so when you walk in, you don't wait. You go right to the counter and order. This gets your food order to the cooks faster. After you are seated, we will follow up our "QUICK CASUAL" with "full service."

We have eliminated the clutter of a full service restaurant and gotten you closer to the great food that you came here for! Our servers will bring you your food, get your refills, and order the dessert you can't leave without!

It's quicker. Simpler. Because we know why you're here. It's for the food! That's why we're here too! We have been feeding Oklahoma for over 25 years, with a simple philosophy. Serve people, Love people, Feed people, Remember God. We have the perfect table waiting for you! Come on in!

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Private Room Available

Have you seen Trevor's room? Our new location has the perfect room for your meeting, party, or night out! We have set aside a room devoted to our heroic men and women that serve this country, in Trevor Robert's name.